September 1, 2009


Mayan Calendar for the Galactic Cycle

This current cycle we are into consists of 169 sections (13 x 13). Each one gets a little quicker in duration length, however each one should contain the same amount of evolution. These dates are only approximate dates and was calculated using the formulas I have obtained from my studies of the Mayan Calendar.

I like using these calendars for making goals in life, whether it be removing fears or anything else as humanity should be able to do more and more stuff in less and less time. This means that you would spend less time later on doing the same kind of stuff you did before. If removing fears is your goal, then calculate how many cycles you want to use as a goal. If you choose 13, then make the next challenge last thirteen cycles again for the next one.

I like this method over the days and nights system that has been introduced by many others whom follow the Mayan Calendar. The reason is because the same amount of stuff does not happen in each day and night as they use the same amount of gregorian days. The downfall for this is it contradicts what the math of the Mayan Calendar is trying to explain to us.

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