September 1, 2009

2009 Videos

This video goes through some Law of Attraction predictions

This video explains the similiarities to the grinch who stole christmas with the 2012 shift.

3 Part series which explains the consciousness cycles

This video talks about removing fears and its importance during this current 2012 Mayan Calendar shift

FEB 17/09 - The Sixth day of the Mayan Calendar is explained in this video. I am not a fan of the days and nights that is spoke off by Dr. Calleman and Ian Lungold, but since some people want to search for this, it was available

MAR 12/09 - Love is guaranteed. More to why the energy of love and the golden age is a guaranteed event.

MAR 15/09 - Universal Time is to be known as Grenwich time. I find it hilarious that the universal time is located on Earth when this is a massive galaxy (let alone universe)

MAR 21/09 - Halftime of this current cycle was mentioned in this video

The Bible and Mayan Calendar predict natural disasters to happen at this time. Are you prepared for what may happen?

APR 20 - Age Of Aquarius Video

JUNE 4/09 - Creating your own Reality

JUNE 7/09 Fibonacci is a very powerful math tool. Is the Mayan Calendar associated more with this? Find out more on this video

JUNE 8/09 - Ian Lungold has mentioned that the half way point of this cycle should mean we meet our neighbours? The half way point is the start of 2010, and is this possible we meet up with aliens? Find out more with this video

JUNE 9/09 - Creation Calendar start days. The date was off by a little with 8.6.8, however I was on to something when I started making this calendar

JULY 27/09 - Mayan Calendar predicts revolution and dollar collapse because we are in the moment of changing away our old systems to new ones and it must contain a revolution to happen

AUG 8/09 - 2012 the end of the world? A lot of fear is around us that it will be. We need to eliminate fears and be educated on what is TRUTH