September 1, 2009

Mayan Calendar Home Page


The following web page contains information on the 2012 shift and the consciousness this great calendar is trying to explain. This calendar contains thirteen cycles (not nine)as each one contains different changes in our consciousness. We have free will in our every day decisions, but we are on a time line of creation. This is why many people now are waking up and explaining to all of us all the truths. The stage we are currently on now is that of telling us the truth.

What you will not find much on this page is the seven days and six nights with equal time in each cycle. The reason for this is because it is obvious that those cycles are wrong. It is wrong due to they have put the days and nights in equal days. That is not correct, as the Mayan Calendar states that each moment in time contains more energy and more creation than there was available to us in previous moments. This could mean that when we enter the latter part of 2012 that things can be moving very fast. However, there is not need to stress over this as letting the shift happen is the most natural thing to do and when that time comes in 2012 where the energies will be outrageously strong, then we should be able to know more and do more at that time.



15 Billion Years ago
Length - 14 billion years
Start - 15BYA
Middle - 3.5 BYA
End - 750 Million Years ago

The original consciousness was ACTION/REACTION. The Calendar all started at the time of the big bang theory. It took several billions of years to make it to the half way point where the gods that be was able to create the planets and the sun. Because each cycle moves around twenty times faster with each one, this one was very very slow in Gregorian time.


Length - Over 700 million years
Start - 750 MYA
Middle - 175 MYA
End - 38 MYA

The second level of consciousness was stimulus response. This would that it is beginning to have a consciousness of creation. Before everything was only action and reaction and this changed in this cycle. This was when we came out of the ocean and the land would be filled with many great animals and plant life. Dinosaurs ruled the earth in this time line, but would be killed off very soon.


Length - 36 million years
Start - 38 MYA
Middle - 9 MYA
End - 2 MYA

This cycle was Stimulus Individual response. This meant that beings on the planet understood that they were separate entities from other beings. This might sound very easy and basic to understand, but in this time it was not so easy. Monkeys and primates appeared on this planet and color vision also appeared. Early cavemen were able to use basic tools.


Length - 2 million years
Start - 2 MYA
Middle - 450,000 Years ago MYA
End - 100,000 years ago

This consciousness brought us Similarities and differences. This meant humans(cavemen) were able to tell the difference between such basic items that were food or could notice the difference between dark and light. Once again, there were basic principles humans have adapted over the years that were not so basic in this time. Cavemen would also make decisions on things rather than that of only reacting to them.


Length - 95,000 years
Start - 100K years ago
Middle - 23K Years ago MYA
End - over 5,000 years ago

This cycle was the last one of "Her Story" which was all about nurturing and support. The following ones are about production or "His Story." This cycle includes Reasoning and the reasons for doing things. Now that cavemen know that they are different than others and that sand is different than dirt they are able to find some reasons for the things that matter to them. Spoken language evolved during this time and humans have advanced to making and using complex tools.


Length - 5,000 years
Start - Over 5,100 years ago
Middle - 7th Century
End - 1756 AD

Cavemen have evolved to the humans we are seeing today with the consciousness of laws and rules. Humans learning how to write was the major conceptual event which occurred. Religions and government started to make many different rules over this lifetime. Many different powerful gods appear during this cycle, and Jesus looked to be the last. The stories claim many great people lived during this time that lived many centuries. Humanity also organized themselves into different nations.


Length - 244 years
Start - 1756 AD
Middle - Early 50s
End - Dec 21, 1999

This stage was all about the consolidation of power. This is the power us humans use today to do what it is we do best. This does not just mean power as in being able to lift more than one should be able to lift in weights. However, that would have been accomplished during this cycle. The power was used in being more aggressive in singing, building infrastructure, economic buildup and so on. We have seen our world have so much more being done because of this cycle.


Length - Less than 12 years
Start - Dec 21/1999
Middle - January 2010
End - Apr 23, 2012

This is our current cycle which is about Truth and ethics. This is the reason we are seeing so much being exposed on the internet these days. This is why we are seeing the truth of what has been done in the world. People are waking up because is the time to wake up and find out who you are. It was said by the early mayans that would see the troubles in the world at this moment, and boy have we ever. When you hear the sang "The truth shall set you free", we can refer to this as in this is the time where we are set free during this cycle.


Length - Less than 8 Months
Start - Apr 23/2012
Middle - October 2012
End - Dec 9, 2012

This is the conscious co creating cycle. This means creating whatever it is humanity has wanted to create with other people working with us. Whether the internet gets shut down or not, there is nothing that can stop humanity from working together in accomplishing the earth changes that we need to face. This is the time where many big changes will come into play, because people will be working with other people. The early mayans said this time would be where we have no limiting thoughts and time is timelessness. The law of attraction should be as easy to use and understand in this time than it is to use a personal computer. You may not know everything, but you sure as heck can know enough to make changes. People coming together this age in some form in the area of creating together is the most likely expectation.


Length - Around 12 days
Start - Dec 9/2012
Middle - Dec 18/2012
End - 18-19 hours before ascension

This cycle has only came to me through meditation and spirit channeling. This should be the time where we understand what it is we have always wanted to know. Whether it to be why we are here, what we have done in the past, what we need to do in the future. What we created during this 2012 cycle so far will be understood. This should be very intense as we will have many humans whom have understood what God and life is. Forgiveness should result into a big moment during this time as that is stated to understanding. When the cycle of love comes in and the ones whom have done bad things will find it easier at this moment to apologize for what they have done. This could mean that the powers that be might ask for forgiveness in this time for all the stuff that have done.


Length - 18-19 hours

These times should get very crazy. What can be available here is very hard to explain other than that it should be quite intense. We may know for the shortest of periods of time so many great secrets. Life will never be the same again and the ones whom remain on the planet at this time can clarify this with you. Because there is a huge chance the information that comes from this time might be easily forgot in as early as a few days, this might be an important time for people to write things down and if the cameras work, to video tape what is going on. History looking back at this moment should be in the future cards. If the pole shift or Nibiru coming around the corner turns out to be correct, then this is the time we should see this happen when the energies the torsion field is at its all time max moment.